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Chemical pump Vertical application of a single-stage chemical pump in the chemicals, petroleum, metallurgy, paper-making, food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers such as transport corrosive industrial sector, the medium viscosity similar to water. This series of pump flow rate: 2.2 ~ 240 m3, head: 2.8 m ~ 87m, medium temperature: -10 C to 80C, the maximum working pressure: 1.6 Mpa. KQH chemical pump in the traditional IH-pump on the basis of the lessons pipeline pump mature technology, and will join the peacekeeping function of innovative design, and F-IH chemical ideal replacement pump, Pump the chemical characteristics are as follows: Investment and operation cost savings facilitate pipeline link: pump import and export the same calibers, and has been at the same online vertical structure, the smallest area easy to maintain: The replacement of letters, not when moving impeller pipeline. Electric power is larger, The replacement of fixed stet closure and no motor; closure and replacement of the impeller not moving motor. Innovative design makes maintenance easier, faster Efficiency: The outstanding hydraulic model, a unique improvement and optimization of CAD, the whole operation more efficient pump Pump smooth and reliable operation Machine closures without leakage, long life: closure of the World plates; unique design for the machine to provide the best operating environment closure a quality stainless steel, resistant durability rotor running smoothly: excellent hydraulic design, the balance of processes will be strictly axial force and radial force to a minimum, the entire pump is operating Steadily, small vibration, low noise Vertical Single-stage Chemical Pump is applicable in Delivering the liquid which the corrosiveness and adhesiveness is similar to water in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, paper making, food, Pharmacy, synthetic-fiber and so on. It is the substitute for Model IH and Model F chemical

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