Hydrogen bromide

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Hydrobromic Acid Hydrogen bromide Other name:hydrobromic acid 48%; hydrogen bromide cyl. with 2 L net~3.2kg; hydrobromic acid 62%; Hydrobromic acid 45% w/v soln. In acetic acid; Hydrogen bromide solution; Hydrobromicacidcolorlessliq; Hydrogen bromide; Hydobromic acid (47 %); Anhydrous hydrobromic acid; Hydrogen bromide acetate solution; bromide CAS no.: 10035-10-6 UN no.: 1788 HS no.: 2811199090 Density:1.49 Package: Application: Determination of sulfur, selenium, bismuth, zinc and iron. From arsenic and antimony tin isolated. Alkylation catalyst. Reducing agent. Organic synthesis. Organic and inorganic bromides preparation. High purity metal refining.

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