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1. Introduction oil soluble corrosion inhibitor is used in the initial distillation tower, the top plate of atmospheric and vaccum tower, distilate outlets and condenser cooling equipment and pipelines. It has good corrosion inhibition performances. Oil soluble corrosion inhibitor is developed for the crude oil containing sulfur and high acid, and it belongs to filming amines. The agent can form dense protective film on the metal surface and inhibit the corrosion effectively. 2. Technical index Item Index Appearance Yellow to dark brown liquid Density £¨20¡æ£©£¬g/cm3 0.80-1.05 Freezing point£¬¡æ ¡Ü-15 Solubility Miscible with oil PH Value 7-10 3. Usage Dilute with diesel oil at the ratio 1:5-10, then inject with metering pump continuously. Prior period(pre-film period): the dosage is about 100ppm, after 10 days the equipment running, dosage descends to 10-30ppm. Packed with 200L plastic drum, stored in cool and ventilated place, shelf life is 1 year.

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