Dried Red Hibiscus Flower

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On Demand
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20 Bags
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Nigeria Export Council (N.E.C)
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45 days
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50 kg bags
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Dec,31, 2023

Apart of these, Hibiscus tea contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and is believed to provide several health benefits, most notably the ability to lower blood pressure. Other benefits include lowering cholesterol, fighting free radicals, and strengthening the immune system. Used as a medicinal tea in Asian countries, Africa, and the Caribbean for years, the benefits of hibiscus tea are now being explored in many other parts of the world. Doctors in the United States have begun preliminary medical trials to test the tea's ability to control blood pressure. The antioxidants found in this red flower are called anthocyanins. These antioxidants are believed to slow the growth of pre-cancerous cells by protecting against the negative effects of the oxidation process that occurs at a cellular level in all bodies. Though oxidation is a normal chemical reaction, this cellular function allows two electrons to break apart, so two oxygen radicals are free to roam about. Sometimes these free radicals damage healthy cells which then become cancerous. Antioxidants are necessary to stymie this effect, and hibiscus tea provides a healthy dose of these cancer fighting immunity boosters. In addition to controlling blood pressure, boosting the immune system, and guarding against cellular damage, hibiscus tea may also reduce cholesterol by dilating blood vessels. Plus, hibiscus tea contains an enzyme inhibitor that impedes the production of amylase, which is an enzyme that breaks down sugar and starches. That means drinking a cup of hibiscus tea after eating may reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and thus, promote weight loss. It has also been suggested that hibiscus tea can prevent bladder infections and constipation. In all, hibiscus tea is an excellent beverage choice that is believed to improve many areas of health.

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