KPDZ-25T Motorless transfer trolley

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Bardex Corporation Inc, United States
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60 days
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Dec,31, 2018

Detailed product introduction: Its power is supplied withsingle-phase36V low voltage unit. DC motor drive. The working principle is that AC 380V is transformed into AC 36V by way of transformer into rails, and then sent to the current rectifier on the truck, which supply 36V direct current to DC motor. Rails are electricity conductor instead of cable. You need not worry about rail circuit that would be impacted, and staff wouldn't care about pulling or drawing cable in case of injuring it. But erection requirement is very stringent, and beyond 60 meter, you need to add another transformer for lowering AC 380V to 36V to the line. Advantages: 1. Safety, convenient 2.using AC current power 3.Steel box structure 4.Low construction price

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