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Why Purify/Filter Transformer Oil According to the objective of transformer maintenance is: To obtain the maximum practicable operating efficiency. To obtain optimum life. To minimise the risk of premature and unexpected failure. Obtaining optimum life and minimising risk of unexpected failure are therefore the principal objectives of transformer maintenance. Both involve obtaining a close awareness of the transformer condition which, with the present state of condition monitoring comes principally from close monitoring of the transformer oil. ZYD double stage vacuum transformer oil purifiers are designed for use in treating electrical insulating oil in the oil-filled electrical equipment.As the oil purifying nanotechnology, this machine can treat oil more quickly and more completely, and makes the oil limiting voltage-withstand value much higher than the ordinary vacuum oil purifier. It also can be used for filtration of more than 110V substation live line work onsite. Meanwhile, Series ZYD oil purifier can be used as independent vacuum source with functions of vacuum drying and vacuum oiling. Benefits of transformer Oil Purification/Filtration 1.The conventional process of transformer oil exchange is time consuming, costly and not environmentally friendly. 2.Our mobile oil purification plants can regenerate the oil on site and in most cases while the transformer is online. This means there will be no production outages for you. 3.It will also be 30 to 60% cheaper to purify the transformer oil compared to exchanging the oil. 4.The process of oil purification not only restores the oil properties, but also cleans the inside of the transformer of all decay products, which would not happen if the oil was merely replaced. Please contact us for more details.

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