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Dec,31, 2024

Our buckwheat processing line consists of cleaner, grader, huller and shells separator. There are two units: cleaning & grading unit, hulling & separating unit. Those two units can fulfill the task to produce buckwheat kernels without other assist machine. Most of the shells will remain three-dimensional cluster, which is considered to be the best filling materials for pillow. Sometimes it is higher in price than kernels. Paramaters: The processing capacty of cleaning and sizing unit: 600-800kg/h Output of dehulling and separating unit: 150-200kg/h buckwheat kernels. % of buckwheat kernels: 70% (i.e. 1kg of buckwheat seeds can be produced into 0.7kg of buckwheat kernels). % of unhulled seeds in the kernels: 3% % of the kernels in the shells: 0.5%. % of the broken buckwheat kernels (Broken kernel is less than 3/4 of whole buckwheat kernel): 2% max. Occupied area of cleaning and sizing unit: 8.22 m ¡Á 2.8m, Height: 3m Occupied area of dehulling and separating unit: 5.6 m ¡Á 2.8m, Height: 3.2m For more information, pls contact with Ms.Christie (Email:

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