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Dec,31, 2024

SUNKEY hot blast furnace integrates the functions of burning, heat exchange, dedusting, air circulation and emissions. With automatic control system it can be simply operated without professional furnace workers. A record of two years¡¯ trouble-free operation has been created. With hot air as medium to transfer heat, the biomass hot blast furnace has been widely used in coating, textile, printing, dyeing, and other industries. Product Feature: 1. High thermal efficiency: Pyrolysis/gasification of biomass and fuel gas combustion are integrated in the hot blast furnace, whose thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%. The heat transfer area of the furnace is maximized by a multi - return structure. 2. Environmental protection: Various biomass pellets can be used as fuel. Complete combustion can be ensured and tall chimney is not necessary. Special dust removal device is employed which leads to no visible smoke emissions. 3. Intelligent control: Microcomputer is used to achieve one-button operation. Fuel feeding and ignition are automatic. Temperature setting, start and stop cycle, and error alarm are all integrated, which make its operation simple and easy. 4. Safe and low labor intensity: With automatic feeding and ignition, only 1-2 times per day feeding operation are needed. The drawer type hopper can be easily operated and simply cleaned up. Fuel: 6-12mm pellet fuel Output capacity: 0.2/0.3/0.45/0.6/0.9/1.2 million kcal (The following price refers to the price of 0.45 million Kcal/h) Thermal efficiency: 88% Feeding system: automatic Combustion system: semi-gasification combustion Function: Ozone Air Antivirus and Spectrum Antivirus Grate: Spherical fixed grate residue Cleaning and ash handling: manually Blowing: automatic, pressure fan The heat exchange system: stainless steel Dedusting system: cyclone Chimney drawing fan: automatic, high pressure Hot air blowers: automatic, medium pressure, low pressure Air flow: 1000 ~ 40000m/h Air temperature: 300 ¡æ or less

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SUNKEY Equipment pecializes in providing energy-efficient solutions and equipments of clean hot blast for Coating, Dyeing, Printing, Textile, Stereotypes, etc. Our products are green, environmental-friendly, competitive with factory direct sales, excellent in quality and reasonable in price. We are focused and professional.