Marine VHF Antennas

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Dec,31, 2024

Description : 1. Low-profile 36" 17-7PH stainless stell whip. 2. DC ground shunt fed 1/2 wave. 3. "L" bracket is supplied for mounting on saiboat mast. 4. 6db gain (performance). 5. Fr: 158Mhz. 6. SO239 base alse supplied with 15'-RG58 coax and PL259 at both end. Specification : 1. Weight: 540g (with cable). 2. Dimensions: 103.5cm x 5cm.

Company Profile

BJTEK Navigation Inc. correlation personnel invests the GPS industry from 1998 until now to accumulate the quite long time and the experience. At present, BJTEK has produced the GPS antenna and the receiver, the GPS antenna module and the receiver module, the GPS/GSM/3G antenna, GPS receiver, outside various types GSM meets the antenna and in constructs the type GSM/GPRS antenna module design, the BTGPS data logger, GPS/GMS/GPRS tracker, GPS automobile navigation, bluetooth GPS receiver, GPS satellite clock, the ship uses the VHF/UHF antenna, GPS/VHF with/the vehicle the double frequency antenna &2.4G/5.8G antenna And each kind of high frequency coaxial cable line and the attachment designs for ship and vehicle.
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