OPGW optical cable

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Dec,31, 2023

¡î.OPGW cable is mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 110KV lines, limited by power cut, security and other elements, mostly used in new lines. Its applications are:high pressure over 110kv, with a longer span (usually over 250M); ¡î.easy to maintain, easy for line span, its mechanical property can meet a big line span; ¡î.outer OPGW is metal armoring, with no influence for high pressure electro-corrosion and degradation; ¡î.to construct OPGW must cut power, resulting in greater loss, thus OPGW must be used in constructing high pressure line over 110kv; ¡î.For OPGW performance index, the more short circuit current, the more need a good conductor to be metal armor, and reduce tension strength, while, if the tension strength is certain, to increase short circuit current capacity, the only way is to enlarge metal section area, resulting in an increased cable Dia and weight, so that security is a question for line pole strength.

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