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Dec,31, 2020

Beta-dextranase One.Prodcut presentation Beta-dextranase(beta-1,3-1,4-glucosidase) is made by liquid fermentation deeply adopting Bacillus licheniformis bacterial strain.This product is an endo protease,and it is used specially in Beta-dextranase¡¯s 1,3 and 1,4 indican key,and generates 3-5 oligose and glucose.This product can dissovle validly Beta glucose on the endosperm cytoderm of wheat and grain.It can be used to induce the viscocity of malt juice in the beer brewing,improve the character of filter and the dissolution rate of malt,avoid beer mixture,stable the beer quality. Two.Prduct specification and quality index 1, Operating standard:Q/FSMW001-2003. 2. Appearance:solid,tawny powder. 3. Enzyme activity:1000,2000u/g. 4.Water concent: ¡Ü8.0. Three.Enzyem activity define In the condition of 40 centi grade,PH6.0,the quantity of using enzyme that hydrolyzing 1% barley Beta-dextranase can cause 1 micromole glucose can be defined as an enzyme activity unit. Four.Using condition Temperature range:30-60 centi grade,the most suitable temperature:50-55 centi grade;PH range:4.8-7.5,the most suitable PH range:6.0-6.5. Five.Using methods You should add it when the malt start to sugar and the suitable quantity is 100-300g per ton malt in the process of sugaring. You can add it into the fermentatin cylinder together with the cool malt juice,and the suitable quantity is 4-10g per ton malt juice. Six.Store condition Product should be stored in dry and cool place.The enzyme activity will not be below the signed enzyme activity and can last 12 months if it can be stored below 10 centi grade;enzyem activity can be more than signed enzyme activity 95 percent and can last 6 months if this product can be store below 25 centi grade. Seven.Attention This prodcut adopt the international-popular marke unit of enzyme acitvity of Beta-dextranase,which is 1000 times bigger than popular marked unit of enzyme activity in national feed business(In the case of 40 centi grade,PH5.0,that every minute generates 1 micromole gulcose can be seen as an enzyme activity).That is1000u/g of this product is the same with the 1000000 u/g of back,therefore,you should pay some attention to the define of the enzyme activity when you choose Beta dextranase.

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