Underwater Heavy Lifting Salvage Airbags

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Apr,3, 2025

The salvage airbag(www.hongruntongmarine.com) has the advantages of light weight, strong air tightness, deep water pressure resistance and convenient transportation. So it is widely used in wreck salvage, stranded ships, floating bridges, caissons and other floating salvage projects. The design of the binding method of the salvage airbag varies according to the different salvage items, which is very important to ensure the successful salvage. The rubber buckle is attached to the body of the salvage airbag. The binding rope can be used to directly pass through the rubber buckle to fix the airbag and the object to be rescued. The length and material of the strap should be determined by calculation, Nylon rope is used to bind air bags and rescue objects together. The airbags can be inserted between the bottom of the ship and the bottom of the sea to pry up the sunken ship, and can also be used to restore the buoyancy of the ship itself. Each airbags can lift more than 200 tons in the water. Large floating crane is the main tool of maritime salvage, but it is often limited by the lifting capacity of the crane, coupled with high transportation costs, which will lead to the increase of salvage costs. The flexible and versatile fishing bag made of flexible materials can be folded or rolled into a cylinder for storage and transportation or diving, which greatly improves the fishing ability of the salvage company. The salvaging air bag can be inserted into the cabin of the flooded ship or fixed to the deck of the sunken ship. The force on the unit area of the hull is small, which is conducive to the safety of the ship. The influence of hydrologic conditions on the submergence of salvage airbags is relatively small, and the underwater operation efficiency is high.

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