Pigment Blue 61--Reflex Blue AG

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Pigment Blue 61-Reflex Blue AG We can supply Presscake Form,Flush pigment form ; Powder form.The quality have received high comments from the customers. CAS No.: 1324-76-1 EU No.: 215-385-2 C.I.No.: 52765:1 Formula: C37H29N3O3S Molecular weight:595.75 Foreign relative brand of Pigment Blue 61: BASF Alkali Blue 61-HR-0303(BASF) BASF Alkali Blue 61-MR-5016(BASF) BASF Alkali Blue 62-HU-2500(BASF) BASF Alkali Blue NB D 6155 D(BASF) BASF Alkali Blue NB 6250(BASF) Pigment Blue 61(CPMA) Reflex Blue A5HR(HOE) Reflex Blue A6HR(HOE) Reflex Blux A6L-R(HOE) Reflex Blue R 54(HOE) Following are the technical data sheet of Pigment Blue 61: Shade Reddish Specific Gravity (g/cm3 H2O = 1) 1.5 Bulk density (lb/gal) 10.2-10.6 Melting Point(¡æ) 280 Average partical (nm) 0.04 Surface area (m2/g) 105 PH value 7 Oil absorption(g/100g) 45 Tinting strength Transparent Company code No. Product Name Application UN8636 Reflex Blue AG Printing inks

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