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Xylanase One.Product presentation The variant strain of Aspergi Lus Clavatus is deeply fermented and cultivated,and then they are dried with low temperature to appear a kind of new enzyme¡ªXylanase.It can dissolve hemicellulose,xylan which is made up of Pentose to Pentose,such as xylose,glucoxylose,little gum sugar,etc. Two.Product specification Enzyme activity:20000-100000 u/g Package:1000g/bag Three.Qanlity standard Item Index Item Index Appearance Light brown or light yellow powder Temperature 40-55¡æ Proportion £¼1.6 The best temperature 50¡æ Smell No bad smell Water content £¼10% PH range 4.0-10 Content of cellulose (CMC) Less than xylanase 0.5 The best PH 5.0-6.0 Zn,Ca,Na can activate the Xylanase in some density range,and Co,Cu can control Xylanase.When the density is 10mmol/l,Xylase,Galactose,Glucose,Gum sugar,Glutamic acid,Sucrose can inrease the enzyme activity by 21 percent,especially Sucrose. Four.Operating standard This product accords with the sandard of Q/CBEF03-1999. Five.Define of enzyme activity In the condition of 50 centi degree and PH4.8,keeping temperature 30 mins,amount of Xylanase it needs can be define as one unit of activity(u mol/min) that hydrolyzing 1percent of xylan can generate 1u mol Xylose. Six.Using condition Temperature range:40-55 centi grade,the best temperature:48-52 centi grade;PH range:4.0-10;the best PH:5.0-6.5. Seven.Storage It can be stored in cool and dry place, and avoided strong light and heat,rain on the road of transportation.The enzyme activity can be kept 80 percent in the normal temperature,and it can be kept over 90 percent for over one year in the four centi grade.

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