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Heater temperature monitor -Film end stop device -Abnormal air pressure stop device -Total counter -Preset counter -Pattern matching devise -Film joint detector -Detective removal devise -Edge slit removing device -Horizontal sealing position changing devise of dial type (used for matching the pattern) When the film width is 1000 mm, the effective width is 980 mm, because about 20 mm in total is slit at both sides. a.Fin seal: Bag width 20 mm (20mm + 20mm + 4mm + 4mm=48mm) 980mm/48mm = 20.4 = 20-lines (A maximum of 20 lines). b.Lap seal: Bag width 20 mm (20mm + 20mm + 4mm = 44mm) 980mm/44mm = 22.27 = 22-lines (A maximum of 22 lines)

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is a specialist in manufacturing automatic packaging machines to package various materials including powder, granules, liquid, paste, and so on into small bags