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Dec,31, 2024

The mobile product that further spread is expected future, DRAM with large capacity traveling at high speed, NAND flash, MCP (Multi Chip Package) has is used. These high speed and large capacity progresses device, "T5833" is a multi-function test system that can perform the wafer test and package test together. "T5833" during wafer test up to 2,048, it is possible to test at the same time up to 512 and the number of devices when the package test, to reduce the test cost. In addition, it will contribute significantly to the reduction and throughput improvement of adopting a "flexible-site CPU • architecture" that is controlled in combination to optimize multiple CPU to the test process of the measurement target device test time. These industry-leading superior performance and low COT (Cost of Test) will maximize the investment efficiency of the customer.

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Advantest Corporation,The Company, a state-of-the-art measurement technology, including the development and manufacture of semiconductor, expand electronics, health care, such as in a wide range of fields medical care, it is a leading company to propose a true solutions that customers demand.