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Features and advantages: The features of the device are described below. Together with the method of operation of the Device explained in this manual, they help you understand how to use the device properly. True 1440dpi high quality plotting Plotting with 1440dpi high quality is suitable both for small and large posters. Intelligent heater Mounts three heaters (front heater,middle heater,back heater) with independent temperature setting and intelligent functions (standby mode and automatic off), The device detects the ambient temperature to perform temperature control, allowing heating temperature setup which best suits the medium used. Easy ink replacement The ink cartridge can be replaced safely and easily without getting your hands dirty. Easy maintenance The automatic capping system allows not to wash the Heads the need of head cleaning before Turning off the power. Nozzle clogging can be recovered by performing the cleaning function. If the device is not in use for a prolonged period of time, it automatically performs Nozzle- Clogging preventive operation at fixed intervals. However, the main power must be left turned on.The device monitors the time period when not in use. When the power is turned on or when plotting is started, it automatically performs head cleaning to prevent from clogging Nozzle. Indication of the INK Remains Since the amount of ink that remains can be checked even during operation of the device, you can use the ink and medium without waste. Simple display The LCD panel displays the device setting menu in two lines (not one line), making it easier to see.Since the LCD panel is provided with a backlight, the display can be clearly seen even in a dark place.The LCD panel can display two different languages for each, including English and Chinese. Display plotting condition It is possible to have the printing process displayed on the LCD panel and the plotting conditions to be plotted for confirmation during operation of the device. TAKE-UP DEVICE for plotting on a long length Since the take-up device that is interlocked with the device winds up the medium as it is plotted on,even a long medium can be used. A newly provided medium support bar The device is provided with a medium support bar at the back. It is useful when a heavy medium, such as Tarpaulin, is set on the device. Selectable head height The head height can be set to 1.5-8 mm by turning screws on carriage. Prevents lifts at both ends of medium The use of the curl stopper prevents lifts at both ends of diverse media and contact with the head.

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Shandong Jucai Digital Printing Technology Co.,Ltd. is established in 1998, located at textile machinery and Industrial Park, kuiju development zones, the largest textile city in China, changyi City, shandong Province. Jucai Company is a high-tech enterprise in specializing in researching, producing, processing ,marketing and machine modification for all the digital textile printers.Now there are 20 research personnel, 10 techical personnel to supply the after-sale service and 60 production workers, which is one of the largest factory in China. At the same time, the company cooperates closely with many famous universities and other advanced research institutions, formed its own core technologies and owned a number of authorized patents. Jucai machinery products have been supported by old and new customers many years. Till now the company has been setting up sales outlets in 93 cities of 12 major regions in China, at the same time the products are exported to India, Pakistan, East and Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.With the higher demand of the material, Jucai machine is welcomed by people day by day. As a responsible enterprise, Jucai will continuously has been improving product quality and expanding product range. But Jucai still insist on providing the best quality in competitive price to every customer.