Pomogranate P. E.

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Dec,31, 2023

Name: Pomogranate P. E. Botanical Name: Punica granatum L. Source: Any of various punicaceae deciduous shrubs or small trees which are about 5-10 meters high, having natural round crowns and dust color rough barks with tuber on them. The root sprouts can easily grow from the root of the tree. There are many branches in the crown and the burgeons which are square and have thorns on have arris. The odd leaf on long branches is opposite and fasciate on short branches. The leaf which has sharp tip and no indentations is oblong and obovate. The tree blooms in summer. The flowers are double gender and according to the development of germen, there are bell-shaped flowers which yield fruit while disa florets yield nothing. One or several flowers grow on the new branches or axils. The tree which originally grew in Iran and Afghanistan was introduced to China in the 2ND BC and it is planted in most parts of China now. Used Part: Fruit skin Active Ingredient Ellagic Acid CAS No. 476-66-4 Specification 40% (HPLC) Appearance: Gray powder Function Prevention and treatment of colon, oesophagus, liver, lung cancer and tongue as well as skin tumor Immunity improvement Composure and blood pressure lowering effect.

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