mould making silicone rubber

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HY625 silicone rubber
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Within 3 days
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25kgs/drum vacuum package or 200kgs/drum
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Dec,31, 2021

Molding silicone rubber operations If the customer wants to make large products and large size molds, the mold should be made of silicon rubber with high hardness. On the contrary, if the mold with fine and precision patterns, it should be made of silicon with low hardness. The amount of the curing agent depends on the actual requirements of the customer. If molds requiring fast drying and demold, more curing agent is needed; contrarily, if molds requiring slower drying and demold, less curing agent is needed. (Note: our company does not recommend you to add silicone oil. If a special soft silicone mold or fine detailed and complex patterns products are required, 5%-10% silicone oil can be added to soften the mold for easy demold.) Frequently asked questions of molding silicone rubber Why does the silicone rubber mold have few molding times? The silicone rubber mold has few molding times is due to follwoing reasons: adding too much silicone oil which will destroy the molecular of silicone rubber; making the mold for small and fine detailed products with higher hardness silicone rubber which is easy to break; making the mold for large products with soft silicone rubber which will reduce the tensile and tear strength of the mold, and the mold will have deformation. Thus, we should take the proper silicone rubber to make the mold for suitable products.

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