Sell Diercon Outdoor Travel Portable Water Filter System,Pocket Survial Emergency Water Purification

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KP02 Diercon portable water filter turns rain, lake, mountain springs,streams and river water into drinkable water immediately! Ideal for: Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Survival, Military, Foreign Travel, Emergency, etc. 99.9999% removes bacteria with 0.1micron ceramic membranes cartridge. Product profile The design of pocket water microfilter KP series base on ergonomics theory, which incorporate the "portable" design concept cleverly, and strive to reach balance in function and convenience perfectly. KP02 series use the unique innovation patent structure design, which is easy to carry, safe and reliable. It is easy to satisfy the drinking water demands for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking, wanderlust, Cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing field forces, IAG, disaster etc. Specification Model: KP02 Output: Approx. 0.5L/min Filter capacity: Up to 5000L depending on water quality Dimensions: ¦µ47*220mm weight: 450g Water sources: Different fresh water such as lakes, rivers, mountain springs, or streams material: Aluminium, ABS plastic, Ceramic, Silicagel, Stainless steel etc. Guarantee: 2 years Accessories Prefilter, bottle adapter and carry bag Main Function 1.Highly efficiently reduces bacteria (99.9%, such as legionella and colibacillus)and protozoan cysts(99.9%, such as giardia and Cryptosporidium). 2.Highly efficiently reduces soluble heavy metal ions in water such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+, As3+,etc. 3.Highly efficiently reduces residua chlorine, improves taste and odor, and avoids the damage of VOC. Efficiently decreases incrustation, organic contaminants in water. 4.Efficiently softens the water, inhibits and eliminates the growth and reproduction of microorganism. Testing Reports TUV, TUV SUD China, 08.02.2012---Staphylococcus,Salmonella, Vibrio parahaemolyticus TUV, TUV SUD China, 10.26.2012---Colibacillus TUV, TUV SUD China,11.29.2012---Legionella TUV, TUV SUD China, 07.24.2012--- Arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, mercury TUV, TUV SUD China, 07.20.2012---Salt spray testing

Company Profile

The Diercon company is the world-leading manufacturer for portable water treatment (outdoor and household), with a market share exceeding 70 percent in China. As the expert of portable water filtration system, we are specialized in the R&D, manufacture and sale of high-quality products. And Diercon is the first company who has obtained both the Certificate of Water Quality Association Gold Seal and the official approval of China National Ministry of Health. The main products that we have successfully developed, such as PB series (Portable Bottle of Water Filter) and KP series (Outdoor Pocket Water Micro-filter),which incorporated the "portable" design concept, and strive to reach a balance between function and convenience perfectly. All the products are safe, reliable and easy to operate and carry with the unique structure of innovation design, which will be easy to satisfy the demands of safe drinking water in different situation such as outdoor training, military patrol, hiking, cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing, IAG, disaster etc.