Monohydrate Zinc sulphate

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1. Quick Detail: MF: ZnSO4.H2O MW: 179.46 CAS:7446-19-7 H.S.Code: 2833293000 UN: 3077 EINECS: 231-793-3 Place of region: China 2. Property: White, fluid powder, its relative density is 3.28, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and easily deliquesced in air. Appearance: White Crystalline powder or Granula Model Number: monohydrate Grade: fertilizer/industry/feed grade 3. Physical: Purity Density Solubility in Water Boiling Point C (Decomposes) 98%min 3.28 30% 740 4. Specification: item Specification powder industry grade Powder feed grade Granular fertilizer grade Content 98%min 98%min 98%min Zinc: 35% min 35% min 33.5% min As: 10ppm max 5ppm max 5ppm max Pb: 20ppm max 10ppm max 10ppm max Cd: 20ppm max 10ppm max 10ppm max Size: 80mesh 80mesh max 8-10mesh 5. Application: It is mainly used in the production of man-made fibril concretion, and also used as intermediary dyed reagent in the dying field. Besides ,it works as fertilizer and animal feed. Zinc Sulphate functions as activator in the medicine industry. The food grade product can be used as nutritious supplement,etc. Zinc sulphate is a significant material of zinc compound,dye,lithopone, in-zinc activator, electrolysed zinc, electroplated zinc, and also mucilage glue fibre.In addition, it functions as preserving material of wood and leather. 6.Packing:Net weight 25kgs, 50kgs per each plastic woven bag, or 1000kgs to 1350kgs per each package,or according to client request.

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