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Dec,31, 2023

Supply & repair below fuji parts at a lower price: FUJI CP6 FEEDER CALIBRATION JIG FUJI CP6 HIMV 134 CPU FUJI CP6 8MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 12x4MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 12x12MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 16x4MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 24x8MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 24x12MM FEEDER FUJI CP6 Z DRIVER SAA1340 DR1B-02AC FUJI CP642(643) SERVO CARD IS70C FUJI CP642(CP643) 4800 VISION CARD FUJI CP643 CAMERA K1133X IK-542F FUJI CP643 D DRIVER EEAN1910 CACR-44-FK1CSY1A FUJI CP643 WIDE CAMERA K1133Y IK-542FA FUJI CP6 CAMERA K1129T XC75 FUJI CP7 8MM FEEDER FUJI CP7 12MM FEEDER FUJI CP7 8x2 FEEDER FUJI CP7 8x4 FEEDER FUJI CP7 12x8 FEEDER FUJI CP7 CCU K11327 IK-54XF2 FUJI CP7 CCU K11327 IK-54XF FUJI IP3 4800 VISION CARD FUJI IP3 CAMERA K1128T FH2048BN FUJI IP3 Y DRIVER SAA1220 DR1-04ACY9 FUJI IP3 Z BALL SCREW PPH0500 FUJI NXT 12MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 16MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 24MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 32MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 44MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 56MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 72MM FEEDER FUJI NXT 8MM FEEDER FUJI NXT MONITOR FUJI QP3 CCD CAMERA K11323 IK-54XF FUJI QP3 CCU K11324 IK-54XF FUJINTAI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD FUJI QP341 LIGHT ADJUSTMENT BOARD FH1107B0 FUJI XP243(IP3) 8MM PNEUMATIC FEEDER FUJI XP243 12MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 16MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 24MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 32MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 44MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 56MM FEEDER FUJI XP243 72MM FEEDER FMB-72E-380AKDJA6400 FUJINTAI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD FUJI XP243 12x16MM FEEDER FUJI CP742 IN CONVEYOR BELT CSQC-0700 FUJI GLV CAMERA POWER SUPPLY DC37 FUJI HOVER DAVIS 8MM FEEDER FUJI HOVER DAVIS 16MM FEEDER FUJI HOVER DAVIS 24MM FEEDER FUJI HOVER DAVIS 32MM FEEDER FUJI HOVER DAVIS 44MM FEEDER FUJI NXT H08 HEAD FUJI XF242 FEEDER FUJI XP242 8MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 12MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 16MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 24MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 32MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 44MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 56MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 72MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 72MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 88MM FEEDER FUJI XP242 FEEDER FUJINTAI Technology Company are specialized in the field of Industrial PC boards and Electronic controls Repair, provide SMT/AI spare parts. Our company main business as follows: *Supply & Repair original JUKI spare parts. *Supply new and used original SMT feeders. *Supply copy SMT feeders and spare parts. *Supply SMT related equipment etc. *New and used SMT equipment and spare parts trade. *Repair service for CYBEROPTICS camera and laser:DEK camera,Juki laser,Samsung laser,Philips laser,Tenryu laser,Aototronik laser,Yamaha laser etc. *Repair service for SMT/AI servo driver,servo motor,industrial camera,monitor,power supply,circuit board,electronic systems etc. *Recovery original new(used and faulty) JUKI Spare parts, Cyberoptics laser and Cyberoptics camera.

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