QL Series Hydrogen Generator Conventional type

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Dec,31, 2024

QL Series Hydrogen Generator Conventional type 1.Features: 1.Adopt the worlds leading SPE/PEM technology to produce hydrogen by electrolyzing pure water. 2.No longer need to use dangerous and expensive hydrogen cylinders. 3.High purity hydrogen (99.999%-99.9999%), stable output flow, safe and convenient to operate, various alarm devices (overpressure alarm, water shortage alarm, water accumulated alarm). 4.Easy to operate, safe and reliable, generating hydrogen through electrolyzing pure water, switching power on to produce gas (available for several sets of gas chromatography). 5.High electrolysis efficiency. Gas purity and output flow will stay regular under continual use. 6.High reliability, easy to maintain. 7.Match with all kinds of GC. 8.No corrosion and pollution 2.Application: 1.Fuel gas and carrier gas for GC (Gas Chromatography). 2.Reaction gas for ELCD (Electrolytic Conductivity Detector). 3.Reaction gas for AED (Atomic emission detectors). 3.Model and specification: Model QL-150 QL-300 QL-500 QL-1000 QL-2000 QL-3000 Output Flow (ml/min) 0-150 0-310 0-510 0-1020 0-2020 0-3050 Output pressure (Mpa) 0.02-0.4MPa normal/0.02-0.7 high pressure Stale output pressure. Hydrogen purity (%) More than 99.999/more than 99.9999 Power(W) 90 150 200 500 1000 1500 Voltage(V) AC 110/220V 50-60Hz Dimension(L¡ÁW¡ÁH mm) 420¡Á227¡Á352 458¡Á230¡Á380 500¡Á450¡Á800 Required water Water resistivity is not less than 1 MOHM/cm Weight(Kg) 15 15 15 20 25 25

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