Sophora flavescens P.E

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info13 at lgberry dot com dot cn) The English name: shrubby sophora extract, Lighiyellow Sophora Root P.E. Of all the different sophora species and plant parts used in Chinese medicine, Sophora flavescens roots are the most frequently used by far, which is why the common name ??sophora?? is appropriately selected to represent it. Sophora flavescens was the first described in the Shennong Bencao Jing (ca. 100 A.D.). It is traditionally used to dispel heat, dry dampness, expel wind, and eliminate intestinal parasites. Thus It is administered in formulas for dysentery and jaundice (damp-heat syndromes), edema and dysuria (dampness syndromes) and eczema and pruritus (damp-heat-wind syndromes).

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