Aluminum Titanium Boron5/1

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Form and Size: 1. Waffle: About 7.5kg or 8kg. 2.
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Dec,31, 2024

Aluminum Titanium boron Diameter of AlTi5B1 coil is 9.5mm, each meter weighs around 192g, 1MT of 5%, Ti 1%B. Availabity The grain-refiner of all kinds of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Directions for use Melting the AlTi5B tablet thoroughly in the molten aluminium and aluminium, add the required quantity of tablet before refine and degas, AlTi5B coils can be added directly in the launder by a feedcoil machine, the speed of adding is to be determined by the chart above. Storage: To be stored in a dry warehouse. Valid Date: 60 months Grain Refiner and additives in Casting Aluminium Alloys, it is mainly used to refine the grain of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, and elevate the homogeneity of Alloying Elements. With easy usage and distinct function, it widely used in Aluminum Casting, Aluminium Profile, Aluminum cable and foil field. Form and Size: 1. Waffle: About 7.5kg or 8kg. 2. Ingot: About 100g, 200g and 500g. 3. Rod or Stick: Dia. 9.5mm, length 0.5-1m. 4. Coil: Dia. 9.5mm, about180kgs per coil. Packing: Waffle, Ingot, and Rod form: 1mt/pallet with shrink plastic film. Coil: 3 coils/pallet. Product: Aluminum Titanium boron coil Spec.: Ti: 5%, B: 1%, balance: Pure Al(99.7) Size: Dia.: 9.5-10mm length: 500-1000mm Packing: 180-220kg/coil. 3coil/pallet Effect: It's mainly used in grain refining of Al and Aluminum alloy to improve their performance and superficial quality. It is convenient to add and only small quantity can reach obvious efficacy. It's broadly used in field of aluminum casting, aluminum cable, aluminum foil. Melt Time: 15-20 minutes Melt temperature: 700-730 Extractionyield: More than 95%

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