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DIA No. CATERPILLAR CODE/TYPE Engine DIA 2S4442 2S4442 D330 DIA 2S9828 2S9828 D336/1674 DIA 3N1299 3N1299 DIA 3S6638 3S6638 D333C/3306 DIA 4N1251 4N1251 3406 DIA 5F2805 5F2805 D375/D397 DIA 5H5836 5H5836 D353 DIA 5H7936 5H7936 D353 DIA 5M4086 5M4086 1673(cont.)£¬3304£¬3306£¬D330£¬D333£¬D337£¬D339£¬D334£¬D364£¬D364£¬D386£¬D397£¬1670 DIA 6H3364 6H3364 D311/D320 DIA 7C0340 7C0340 3500 DIA 7C0344 7C0344 3500 DIA 7C2238 7C2238 3508 DIA 7M4190 7M4190 D343 DIA 7M4601 7M4601 D353,D379,D398£¬D399 DIA 7M7431 7M7431 D379/D398 DIA 7N9843 7N9843 3406 DIA 7S1059 7S1059 D342T£¬D353 DIA 7S5105 7S5105 DIA 7S8722 7S8722 3304£¬3306£¬D330£¬D333£¬1673 DIA 7S9891 7S9891 3304 DIA 8M1584 8M1584 D333C/3306 DIA 8N1831 8N1831 D342T£¬D353 DIA 8N3173 8N3173 D353 DIA 8N3174 8N3174 DIA 8N3175 8N3175 3204 DIA 8N3176 8N3176 D343 DIA 8N3177 8N3177 D336/1674 DIA 8N4694 8N4694 3304£¬3306£¬D330£¬D333£¬1673 DIA 8N4697 8N4697 1673(cont.)£¬3304£¬3306£¬D330£¬D333£¬D337£¬D339£¬D334£¬D364£¬D364£¬D386£¬D397£¬1670 DIA 8N5986 8N5986 D330 DIA 8N8796 8N8796 3304 DIA 9F2393 9F2393 D375/D397 DIA 9F4113 9F4113 D330 DIA 9L6884 9L6884 3406 DIA 9N2845 9N2845 DIA 9N3246 9N3246 3406 DIA 9N6173 9N6173 D334/1674 DIA 9Y0051 9Y0051 3500

Company Profile

DIA Diesel Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel fuel injection parts & components. The product line includes injection nozzles, pump-elements(Plunger Barrel), Delivery Valve,Head Rotor,ve pump parts,Common Rail Injector, Unit Pump and other products related to diesel injection pumps.