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Antimony Trisulfide Property: Antimony trisulfide: also called Antimony Sulfide H .S code: 2830.9020 Molecular Formula: Sb2S3; Molecular Weight: 339.68; Melting Point: 550centigrade; Boiling Point:1080-1090centigrade; Hardness:HB2-2.5; Density: 4.64g/cm3. Tint: According to its different particle sizes, manufacturing methods and production conditions, the formless antimony trisulfide is provided with different colors, such as gray, black, red, yellow, brown and purple, etc.. Fire Point: Antimony trisulfide is easy to be oxidized. Its fire point-the temperature when it begins self-heat and oxidation in the air depends on its particle sizes. When the particle size is 0.1mm, the fire point is 290centigrade; When the particle size is 0.2mm, the fire point is 340centigrade. Solubility: Insoluble in water but soluble in hydrochloric acid. In addition, it can also dissolve in the hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Appearance: There should not be any impurity that can be differentiated by eyes. Enterprise Standard of Antimony Trisulfide: Industry name Friction materials:Sb2S3(min):95%;Sb(min):69%;S(min):26%;As(min):0.2%;Pb(max):0.2%;Se(max):0.04%; Glass and Rubber:Sb2S3(min):90%;Sb(min):64%;S(min):25%;As(min):0.3%;Pb(max):0.2%;Se(max):0.04%; Matches and Fireworks:Sb2S3(min):85%;Sb(min):61%;S(min):23%;As(min):0.3%;Pb(max):0.4%;Se(max):0.04%; Sb2S3(min):70%;Sb(min):50%;S(min):20%;As(min):0.3%;Pb(max):0.4%;Se(max):0.04%; Main Application: Antimony trisulfide is widely used in the war industry including gunpowder, glsss and rubber, matches, fireworks and friction materials and so on as the additive or catalyst, anti-blushing agent and heat-stabilizer and also as the flame-retardant synergist replacing antimony oxide.

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