High Temperature High Pressure Overflow Dyeing Machine

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Dec,31, 2020

Applications: • Type of Fibres: Cotton, fibre, polyester, cotton and fibre blends, synthetic fiber blends • Type of Fabrics: Knitting Fabrics or Towel Technical Data: • Liquor ratio 1:6-8 • Maximum speed: 360M/min • Maximum working temperature: 138 ¡æ • Maximum working pressure: 3.8 bar (dry saturated steam pressure gauge at 7 bar) • Heating ratio: 25¡ãC -100¡ãC average 5¡ãC /min, 100¡ãC -130¡ãC average 2.5¡ãC/min • Cooling ratio: 130¡ãC-100¡ãC average 3¡ãC /min, 100¡ãC -85¡ãC average 2¡ãC /min, £¨Cooling water at 3 bar 25¡æ£©

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