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Buy cheap and high quality alcohol tester which is very save, because it's made from synthetic fibre, which can't make any harm. . Thanks to the ease with you can use the alcomate (breathalayser), you can quickly check your sobriety. You are able to check alcohol concentration, given in per mill, in the exhaled air. The change of the colour of the substance in the meter from yellow to green as compared to the alcohol concentration in the packaking will give you inormation about your sobriety (0,0-0,2-0,5-0,8-more than 1,0 per mill). This is an instruction how to use brethanalyser: 1. remove the plugs from both ends of the breathanalyser after minimum 15 minutes after drinking alcohol; 2. put the mouthpiece on the matt and of the device until you feel resistance; 3. inhale and breathe the air out three times (on the average ten seconds each blow); The brethanalyser cannot be used as evidence in court in legal proceedings. Prices (including possibilities of designing packages): -from 1.000 0,34 euro -from 10.000 ps 0,31 euro -from 15.000 ps 0,30 euro -from 20.000 ps 0,29 euro -from 50.000 ps 0,28 euro -from 100.000 ps depended on agreement Prices without packages: -from 1000 0,29 euro -from 5000ps 0,27 euro -from 10000ps 0,26 euro -from 15000ps 0,25 euro -from 30000ps 0,24 euro -from 50000ps 0,21 euro -from 100000ps depended on agreement Prices (standard packages): -from 1000ps 0,31 euro -from 5000ps 0,29 euro -from 10000ps 0,28 euro -from 100000ps depended on agreementtransport way - lorry, ship, air (depended on conditions) europalette capability - 20.800 pcs (416 cardboard boxes) size of box - 220/170/130mm size of eurapalette - 1200/800/2400mm minimal order - 1000 pcs production ability - 500.000 per month weight of product - 5,93 g weight of package - 6,92 g Size of packaking: - high 120mm - width 80 mm - thickness 20 mm. EAN - 5907176499018 proofs (orientated values) - 0,0 - 0,2 - 0,5 - 0,8 - above 1 per mill consignment on receiver cost We can send you trial samples.

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