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C reative VI 1002 is a analog computer-video interface with a female 15-pin HD input connector and a 15-pin HD buffered local monitor output. The VI 1002 has a 15-150 kHz scanning range, 350 MHz RGB video bandwidth, and is compatible with nearly every computer / Work Stations and video signal type, including VGA – UXGA. The VI 1002 also features Auto ID bit Selection, ensuring that computers requiring local monitors to operate will do so in the event that one is not attached. For PCs, the VI 1002 connectivity is on 15-pin HD male to male cable. Standard VGA Connector Standard 15 pin HD female connector is used for input of VGA / UXGA signal and 15 pin HD female is used for local computer monitor output. Main output is on 5 (RGBHV) BNC female connectors. Selectable Sync Out VI1002 is compatible for both RGBHV (5 in BNC female connector) and Composite Sync (RGBH) which can be switched manually with a sleek toggle Switch On front PANEL. This also features advanced sync processing circuitry for enhanced signal coming from Computer / Laptop and WORK STATIONS. VI 1002 can also be connected to Scalars (video to vga converters) Auto Selectable Sync out put Format VI 1002 can sense the verity of sync levels like RGBHV, RGBs or RGsB automatically which doesn’t need to be selected by any DIP switch combination. In addition to, no DIP switch combination is required when there is change of resolution from 640X480 onwards. VI 1002 adjusts itself to active resolution. Auto ID bit selection is also provided for buffered and main output connectivity. This unit can auto sense for the –ve and +ve sync and can switch to required mode. High Resolution Amplification VI 1002 offers very high bandwidth (350Mhz) to ensure super performance and maximum image clarity at virtually any resolution. This also makes possible for signal on a long run cables upto 70 mtrs. (Provided with good quality / standard signal cables).

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