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Dec,31, 2023

As a mineral power, we use good quality brucite ore to prosess magnesium hydroxide flame retardant both physical & chemical specifications, which can meet the custmers¡¯ demands well. Characteristics ¡¤high purity ¡¤high level of filling ¡¤the decomposition starts at up to 340¡æ ¡¤Oxygen index is 28-33 ¡¤vertical firinf performance: V0 ¡¤good flame retardancy and low smoke ¡¤products filled with Mg(OH)2 release no harmful gas after being fired Application Engineering plastics, wire & cable, fire retardant coating, indoor decoration material, sealant material for metro or ship, reinforcing agent for cement and etc. Pls contact us into keli406 at directly.Tks

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