C88K-100 Electro Hydarulic Die Forging Hammer 4tons

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Dec,31, 2024

Touch screen man-machine interface, numerical input, fault automatic diagnosis and alarm display in Chinese and English. Striking energy and steps can be set numerically, which can reduce the surplus striking energy, lower the noise, prolong die lifetime. U-frame one-piece casting steel and radial wide guide rails make ram with high guiding accuracy. Three inserted locating faces for the guide rail, special design preventing bolts loosing. High integrated hydraulic control system, without any pipe connection. Special design for system safety protection, making sure the safety use of the forging hammer. Imported accumulator assembled on the hydraulic valve block directly, improved the transmission efficiency and easier to maintain. Advanced taper valve design, fast response, good sealing and not easy to generate inner leakage Swaying compound oil cylinder and elastic flexible hammer rod, high and low pressure double anti-leakage design, which greatly improved the reliability of the forging hammer. Slow up and down in the case of releasing hydraulic system pressure to make die changing safety. Ram buffer is inner hydraulic buffer, to make sure ram movement safety and coordination;

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We, China Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. (CFM) are the holding subsidiary of Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology (BRIMET, a branch of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM) administrated directly by SASAC).