Shaped Carbon,Activated carbon

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Activated carbon for super capacitors is a new-type activated carbon with high specific surface area, which is mainly used for super capacitors (also called electric double-layer capacitor or electrochemical capacitor), it has such advantages as good electrochemical performance and high capacity. ITEM Characteristic Value Shape Sphere Apparent density £¨Approx£© 0.6g/ml PH 6.5£­8.5 Surface area 1,000£­1,300©O/g pore volume(cm3/g) 0.49-0.56 pore size(nm) £¼3.0 Single-particle strength(N) 10-12 Reduction on drying £¼5% Iodine number 1,100£­1,350mg/g Carbon tetrachloride absorption capacity 70£­85% Methylene blue adsorption 200£­250ml/g (GB) Carbon£¨%£© £¾96% Ash content <0.05% Chloride < 0.1 % Sulfate < 0.05% Acid soluble substances <2mg Iron < 0.05% Zinc < 0.02% Heavy metals <10ppm Phenol absorption capacity 180£­220 mg/g Activated carbon

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