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Features 1 Material fiberglass 2 Height 175
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Dec,31, 2024

The product that our company produces mainly from cloth and not saturated resin of the glass fiber silk 191 process but become, have weight lightly, the strength is high, not easily ground, constant form's etc. is numerous advantages.The product style is new, all of species, total ten mostly row ascend more than 100 styles.Include to become adult men and women's mold among them series, transparent product line especially, sport series, child's series, pregnant woman series etc..Men and women's mold has hair style, bare-headed, even neck, standing posture, sitting posture, cloth set, person's set, trousers set...etc. separately especially. Company's surface to product technique is strict, quality technique request try for the best, try hard for to make its product lifelike and perfect.Provide to include white to the surface paint color, Africa black, the rose is red and the human body color four greatest serieses are several ten assortment specieses.Can also make to order according to the customer's paint color request! Our company adopts a plastic companion and plates a chrome piece perfect match to each conjunction of the product, design of zero accessories reasonable, beauty, practical.The station plank of hanger model adopts a pure color steel to turn glass, having beauty generous, the style elegant advantage, human body and station knothole conjunction adopt new gum to glue a technique, having heat of bear, bear to oxidize to bear, corrosion's etc. is numerous advantages.

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