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The word catamaran is derived from the Tamil kattu-maran meaning bound logs. And though today the world over this word is synonymous with twin-hulled craft, the originally conceived form of the catamaran, that is, a log raft with tapering ends has not only survived the centuries but remains the backbone of the small scale fishery of the eastern coast of our country. Coming across one of these kattumarans, a modern boat user could be pardoned for looking down his nose at this crude and primitive craft. But if he were to give it some thought, would realize that all the attempts of modern technology till now have not fully succeeded in replacing the thousands of these craft with more efficient ones. One of the reasons being that the eastern sea coast for the most part, has steeply sloping beaches and tall breakers where attempting a beach-landing with a conventional open boat of this size runs a high chance of being swamped. The traditional kattumaran being a bundle of logs is naturally buoyant and cannot be sunk despite any number of tumbles. The fisherman holds his catch in the fishing net and ties the net to the craft. Nearing the shore, he jumps off the craft and swims ashore while the following waves deliver his craft and catch soon after.

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Mahasagar Boats is a builder of quality boats in wood and fibreglass for work, fishing and pleasure run by Sarita and Yashwanth Kangen. Yashwanth is a boatbuilder who has supplied boats to a long list of satisfied customers all over India and abroad over the past thirty years. His boats can be found sailing the seas around the Asian subcontinent, Europe and USA. He has been involved with wooden boat construction under his father since 1969 and after undergoing training, with fibreglass boat pr