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Aluminium Coil Aluminium Foil Our aluminium foil products offer a wide range of thicknesses from and a wide range of alloys. Largely used in containers and packaging, aluminium foil finds several uses around the home and is the ideal material for wrapping and protecting food from humidity, light, oxygen and micro-organisms. Vitamins, taste and freshness are preserved as well. Aluminium foil is also used in medicine wrapping (i.e. blister packaging), aluminium fins for heat exchangers, flexible tubes, as well as insulation and cables. For better lacquer or film adhesion, chemical degreasing and surface pre-treating can be carried out in a dedicated line. Aluminium End Sheet Common Alloy Sheet Intermediate/Heavy Gauge Industrial Foil/Sheet: aluminum used in building and miscellaneous applications. General Availabilities Adjustments to Standard Gauge: Width:. Other Information Cuts: O.D.: I.D.: Tempers: H-24, 25, 26, and 28 Volume: ZingLi Shanghai Xinyinghao International Trading Co.,Ltd, Tel: +86 13671747113 Fax:+86 21 50589778

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