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Through various techniques and equipment, we use experienced machine vision engineering capabilities to enhance systems to their full potential. By implementing well-designed vision systems, machine process control and feedback is enhanced to provide the data needed to automate most processes. Sundaram Technologies provides vision application software specifically intended to simplify the design and deployment of automated inspection on the factory floor. Each of the inspection tools have been carefully planned to extract the relevant information from the object image. Using our solutions means fewer production and packing line errors, lower manufacturing costs and this directly leads to higher customer satisfaction. Sundaram Technologies machine vision systems can be applied to a variety of jobs from quality checking to lot tracking, from assembly inspection to rejection systems. Our solutions work tirelessly for the clients in optimizing quality and driving down costs. Without our systems, most products today could not be produced reliably and affordably on a large scale. The Vision System is used in Production line for the 100% quality assurance. It inspects for visible defect in the product-printing at high speed. Vision Inspection is completely replacing Manual inspection using higher accuracy and higher speed compare to Manual Inspection. This system is mainly used for quality assurance in Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Cosmetic Products Industry, Printing Press Industry, Packaging Industry etc.

Company Profile

Sundaram Technologies has dedicated team of 16 talented engineers, who works in R&D department developing advanced technology. The main aim for having such strong R&D team is to keep our self one mile ahead then our peers and provide technology which no one even had dreamed of also. Sundaram Technologies not only limited itself for IT but had even gone into developing automated hardware required for our process. Sundaram has got its workshop set up for manufacturing hardware. German and US based hardware are brought as an CKD kits and assembled at our facility.