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Dec,31, 2020

electric arc furnace, arc furnace, smelting furnace, EAF Three phase electric arc furnace for steel melting.(AC POWER) (A). Main Application: This equipment is mainly used for smelting steel, quality carbon steel and various alloy steel, stainless steel and other ferrous metals. (B). Equipment Constitution can be divided into ordinary power, high power super power and etc. The furnace cover is the unscrew the top lid feeding style, energy-saving short net, gold hydraulic transmission, metal equipment, reasonable design, reliable operation and excellent performance. (C). Equipment Constitution: 1. Furnace body: steel tank and bottom tapping. According to the adaptiveness of the power situation, we offer the traditional furnace shell and tube water-cooled furnace shell. 2. Furnace tilting mechanism. 3. Electrode elevating mechanism: automotive move and columns elevation type. The drive mode includes motor drive and hydraulic drive. 4. Furnace cover elevation and swinging mechanism: the basic overall style and basic separate type. 5. Cooling water and monitors, alarm device. 6. Hydraulic station and control valve system 7.Electric control system: electrical control system uses the new frequency, speed - motor type regulator or computer control - hydraulic regulator. The latter one can be equipped with CRT display, equipment, parts control and interlock protection movement with PLC control.

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Xi¡¯an Abundance Electric Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xi¡¯an, which is the research base of electric furnace industry and the national supervision and inspection center of electric furnaces in China. With the development of 15 years, it has become a leading manufacturer in China¡¯s electric furnace industry, and it is advanced in R&D, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical services. There are our agents and after-sale services in South Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, Mexico and Ukraine. Hundreds of sets of our electric furnaces are working safely now all over the world. 90% of our products are exported to more than 50 regions and countries worldwide, and our achievements in furnace exportation ranked in the forefront for three consecutive years among furnace industry.