Industrial Control Pressure Switches and Sensors 45CP

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Dec,31, 2023

45CP series standard pressure sensor specifications (only for Variable frequency control) General requirements ¡´ This specification covers solid state pressure sensor that fits for refrigerant air conditioning system of R22¡BR134a and R407C ¡´ Sensata- Part¡G45CP2-1¡B45CP2-2¡B45CP2-3¡B45CP2-4¡B45CP2-5¡B45CP2-6¡B45CP2-7. ¡´ Pressure range¡G0.0 to 4.6 MPa g (g: gauge)¡C ¡´ Operating temperature¡G- 30¢XC to 135¢XC¡C ¡´ Power voltage(Vin)¡G5.0 +/- 0.1 VDC¡C ¡´ Output voltage(Vout)¡G0.89 to 4.5 V typical¡C ¡´ Initial accuracy¡G+/- 2.5% Vdd at -30¢XC to 135¢XC. Vdd = DC5.0V¡C ¡´ Overall accuracy¡G+/-3.5% Vdd at -30¢XC to 135¢XC. Vdd = DC5.0V¡C ¡´ Power current: 10 mA Max no olad. ¡´ Resistance to voltage: (between each terminal and the body). ¡´ Resistance to pressure: the maximum working pressure. ¡´ Burst pressure: the maximum working pressure. ¡´ Mounting Torque¡G12.7 Nm +/-10%¡C ¡´ Fall testing¡G1.0 m one time on concrete floor, no deformation. ¡´ Overvoltage¡GDC 16V , 30sec¡C ¡´ Reverse voltage¡GDC -12V, 30sec¡C ¡´ Electrical connection¡G10k ohm pull-down resistor. ¡´ Pressure Connection¡G1/4¡¨ SAE flare-up thread female : 7/16-20UNF 2B ¡´ Pressure cycle life test¡Gable to withstand 5 million times of full working pressure cycle at room temperature.

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Avertronics INC. was established in 1986; and it is the contract manufacturing for wire-harness and also being active in developing wireless control and lighting control system products.