Helical gear reduction box speed reducer for Rubber plastic processing machine

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Dec,31, 2023

ZLYJ series high precision hard-toothed surface reducer is the thrust block transmission components for plastic screw extruder design. Product design follow the ZBJ19009-88 under the technical specifications. With high strength alloy steel, Gear processed by carburizing, hardening, grinding. The accuracy of the gear is GB10095-88, class6. Tooth surface hardness is HRC54-62, in the hollow output shaft front end configuration with a thrust bearing specification, to bear the work of screw recoil. Bearings and oil seals and other major national quality standard parts are used, also can be equipped with imported products according to the needs of users. The machine has the advantages of small volume, high carrying capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high efficiency. Product performance has reached the international advanced level, can replace similar imported products. Applicable Scope 1, The input rotation of prime mover shall be ¡Ü1500rpm. 2, The peripheral speed of gear drive shall be ¡Ü20m/s. 3,The working ambient temperature shall be within -40~45¡ãc. Preheat the Lubricatting oil to above 0¡ãc. Rotation is available both forwards and backwards. However, the high-speed shaft of some types of reducers has single-way oil pump directing as defaulted to the output shaft which rotates clockwise. If you want to change the direction, please make detailed description while placing order.

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