GSM Remote Monitoring & GSM Control System for Generator

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Dec,31, 2023

WT-9001 provides an integrated text message alert and remote control system. The device can be integrated with any diesel generator thus allowing the said unit to be monitored and controlled. Up to 8 different alarm signals can be sent directly to an authorized cell phone. For example, alerts such as “Diesel Low” or “Oil Pressure Low”. The generator can be activated or stopped by sending a text message or call to the generator unit from anywhere in the world. Used in tandem with the alert capability, users are able to decide when to initiate the order to turn on or turn off respective generator units when off site even in the event of an electrical power disruption. The text message/SMS unit is mounted inside the generator housing (if space permits and runs on the generator’s battery). When the generator is in automatic mode, it will start up when the main power source fails and in doing so sends a text message to as many as 8 pre determined authorised phone numbers. A text message can then be relayed to the generator using a predetermined “Code” and command. The code allows the authorised user to safeguard the generator from malicious text messages to turn it on or off. If the generator encounters problems while running it will send a text message to as many as 8 authorised users’ numbers notifying them of the problem encountered. When the generator is shutdown in the event of a command from an authorised user, all other authorised users are notified thus allowing them all to be notified that the generator has successfully shutdown.

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