Steam boiler (gas-fired)

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Dec,31, 2024

Key Features • CO 2 reduction and low fuel consumption (ultra-high efficiency of 98% and a high turndown ratio of 1: 7 realized in synergy [13A])  Boiler efficiency to achieve 98%  high turndown ratio (1: 7 [13A]) in the previous mixing method ultra-low NOx burners installed ※ jointly developed with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Dear                                • Low NOx NOx [13A] = measured value: 40ppm or less (guaranteed value: 60ppm or less)        (O 2 = 0% conversion, room temperature = 30 ℃, humidity = 65% at the time) • A stable supply of high dryness of steam • Blower, power-saving and low noise in the water supply pump inverter standard equipment • Durable round cans structure (micro furnace / New micro furnace can body adopted) • Equipped with air ratio stability control function standard (high-efficiency operation maintained in optimum air ratio throughout the year) • Monitor display is easy to read Chinese characters display • Space-saving design (closely installation type) • "Mail Maintenance" correspondence • Quick response in alternation pilot specification (optional feature)

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SAMSON CO., LTD. is the boiler, the development of food equipment and water treatment equipment, manufacturing, sales and has been living as a maintenance.