Baumkuchen automatic one grilled Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

By the radiant heat of the heat and humidity and infrared burner piped straight burner, you can finish the best of the oven. Exhaust heat to the front outside is small at the time of firing by a furnace in a fixed heat shield and front automatic door, stress does not have most due to heat to workers and cloth dish on the fabric. 14 pipes straight burner, and two types equipped with infrared burners, and the moist of the oven, baked color will finish clean. ■ the oven chamber heat shield plate, automatic opening and closing door (with glass window) in front ■ adopt a large-size touch panel ■ with automatic temperature control function ■ cooling function (Baumkuchen deformation prevention) ■ slicer can be mounted (OP) ■ LPG, city gas You can respond.

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