SpiralVeyor SVm-series

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The SpiralVeyor® SVm-Series are the wide belt spiral conveyors in the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® program and specially designed for the mass flow handling of items. The wide belt is built up from multiple parallel tracks that form one conveyor belt (AmbaFlex MultiSpiral technology). The multiple belt track arrangement ensures a very large high pull strength for high load applications. Many other options are also available to customize / configure this spiral conveyor for specific applications and functions. Suitable for goods: single bottles, cans, jars, tins Details Belt width range 100, 140 or 200 mm / 4, 6, 8" Multi Track up to 1-4 parallel tracks Load range up to 50 kg/m Speed range up to 60 m/min Elevation up to 20 m / up to 60 ft

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AmbaFlex is thé partner for customised material handling systems based on spiral technology! Our unique SpiralVeyor® is widely used for vertical transportation and accumulation of single goods and packed products.