Rotary Positioning Drives & Reducer

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The RA Series is a zero-backlash reducer designed for small to medium-size FA applications. It delivers high accuracy, rigidity, and speed. The RA is suitable for equipment that demand motions with a high level of accuracy and speed. Zero Backlash The RollerDrive uses a unique preload mechanism to completely eliminate backlash and deliver output motions that are faithfully true to input commands. Positioning accuracy is particularly good with direction reversing motions. Highest Level of Accuracy in the RollerDrive Series Delivers good positioning accuracy and runout accuracy, which are otherwise difficult qualities to attain with a small reducer. High Rigidity The output shaft is a solid-piece cross roller bearing designed for durability against axial and radial loads.

Company Profile

SANKYO SEISAKUSHO CO.Sankyo manufactures reliable products that create ideal motions, such as the RollerDrive, our precision reducer, and the SANDEX, our cam-based units. We also incorporate these products into various automation systems to produce advanced motion control systems.