Z-Comet gear roll

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Dec,31, 2024

Nissei's the Z-Comet the new high-precision form rolling machine delivers high precision tooth flank finishing. Finish rolling after your tooth length and feature requires accuracy after several micrometers. Z-Comet produces the gear's tooth flank finish currently performed by shaving, grinding or sizing. Press rolling is superior to other precesses in terms of initial cost, running cost, cycle time and power-saving. Lead compensation function Z-Comet enables correction of crowning taper and helix angles of roll gears without rebuilding the dies. To do this Z-Comet is equipped with two axes and each spindle. Spindles move under B-axis and T-axis independently or in coordination. These axes are controlled by the CNC system. Rigid workpiece support This system enables highly accurate repetition and shorten said obtained with rigid workpiece support. The gear spindle can be rotated think honestly with the two spindle during rolling for greater pitch accuracy.

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Nissei specializes in form rolling. Nissei takes pride in developing form rolling technology as the backbone of 21st century industry.