Vertical Mixer

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In addition to reliability, safety and easy-to-use feature that lead the next generation, the mixer extensive use of stainless steel parts in many places and is provided with a safety design in consideration of sanitation as well as with smart working performance and simplicity. High Levels of Container and Elevating Handle (MS-20 • MS-25 • MS-30) The overall height is high and the bottom surface area is small, which is referred to as a tall boy style. The levels of the container and an elevating handle are high, allowing mounting and detaching a bowl without the need of stooping. Antibacterial Panel Changeable of Rotations [MS-50 • MS-60 • MS-90 • MS-120 Standard V Panels] A sheet switch excellent in operating feeling is adopted. A digital timer and inching can also be implemented. The machine is of antibacterial type, which can be used always in a clean state because of controlled proliferation of molds. The number of rotations can be changed and inputted with panel operation. 4 processes can be automatically operated to provide any worker with easy operation. (Specifications for V panels of MS-20 • MS-25 • MS-30 are available at option. For a standard panel, please specify the number of rotations before the delivery or shipment)

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Aiko-sha Manufactory, simply not only manufacture and sell the machine and captures the food processing as "system", hard (machine) and software (confectionery and bread technology) are both aimed at companies that make the creative proposals .