Dough Mixer

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Dec,31, 2023

Bowl cooling Water-cooled bowl jacket is available for below-zero (Celsius) temperature of coolant (such as PP glycol, etc.). Compact and handy chilled water system is available for model HM200 & HM300. Eddy flow of coolant for the best efficient cooling effect. Drive mechanism Affordable heavy-duty multiple strand roller chain drive. Equipped with automatic chain lubricator, standard for models over HM300. Frame and base Disperses the load all over the machine to enable silent operation and long life. Solid and stable frame will never be distorted during mixing. Drive section located on one side for easier maintenance.

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OSHIKIRI MACHINERY LTD. is the leader in bakery equipment.Main Products are:Sifter,Mixer,Mixer,Divider,Proofer,Moulder,Oven,Cooling system,Baking machines and equipment,Rounder,Depositor,Depanner,Bread slicer,Extruder,Dough conditioner,Panner,Meat slicer,Slicer,Slicer,Bag filler,Bundling machine,Other packing machine etc.