Rice Whitening

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Features: 1. LESS BROKEN RICE & UNIFORM WHITENING YRM-20, Abrasive roller in the center of milling chamber with high speed, inner frame and steel plates rotary with low speed. Steel plates locked on the inner frame in order to increase the uniform of white rice. 2. UNIQUE JET AIR SYSTEM Jet air is blown from the fan to the milling chamber, functioning not only to prevent the temperature of the rice gains from rising but also to remove bran sticking to the whitened rice. 3. EASY OPERATION This machine is a masterpiece. It is very different from other countries made. Operation is very easy, requiring no previous training. 4. SUPERIOR ABRASIVE ROLLER Unlike conventional method of production, the TAKAYAMA abrasive rollers are manufactured with strict forming and heat treatment, giving them extra-high durability and sharpness. Dull edge conventional rollers means excess pressure on the rice grains during whitening potential of the abrasive-type process.

Company Profile

The Tw Grandeur Machinery Co., Ltd.(TAKA YAMA) is one of the most experienced companies which has produced quality Agriculture machinery for over 30 years in Taiwan. Our company primarily focuses on producing Rice Milling Machine, Rice, Polisher, Complete Rice Mill Plant and Cereal Husking & Whitening Machine.