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Depth Filter Module Housing For food and industrial applications Characteristics The DISCSTAR® ST is a high precision stainless steel filter housing for lenticular depth filter modules, designed and manufactured for heavy duty use – 24/7. The enclosed system allows high capacity depth filtration with no drip loss (no edge leaking). A broad variety of options will promote the ideal solution for your depth filtration process. Applications DISCSTAR® ST series filters are made for a broad field of solid liquid separation applications, with a solid content up to approx. 1 %. Higher solid contents need precoat filtration or other technology as prefiltration. The technology is designed for high service life of filter media and equipment. Its high filtration performance and top manufacturing quality meet the high standards of beverage filtration such as; Wine filtration Beer filtration Juice filtration Tea filtration Distilled products (spirits, such as vodka, cognac, brandy, whisk(e)y, ...)

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Filtro is widely recognized as the company for compressed air purification, process, chemical, hydraulic, lubrication and coolant fluid filtration, coolers and static eliminators and precision spraying technology.